Holiday letter 2018


Dear Tomas and Ina,

It’t that time of the year, another holiday letter from mom, full of wisdom and good advice, I hope! You may think you are too old for this tradition by now, but I simply disagree and am more excited than ever to write this holiday letter. You have grown up a lot this year, faced the adventures it has provided with the best possible attitude so I know you can do anything. I am incredibly proud of you and truly believe you can help solve the complex and interrelated challenges the world now faces.

Protect Mother Earth

No mother is more important than our very planet. Unfortunately my generation hasn’t taken good care of it. Scientists have now told us, beyond a reasonable doubt, that we only have about a decade to change our behaviors for the better. Without a radical transformation, millions of people will go under water, our biodiversity will be irreversibly damaged and our quality of life greatly diminished. But this doesn´t have to happen and I believe your generation will help us change our ways. You can contribute by being conscious about your own consumptions, but also by being unafraid to let your voices be heard. It is your future at stake.

Respect every life

No person is more important than another. But injustice is all around. Eight people now own more money than half of humanity. CEOs of big companies pay themselves salaries that are 800-1100 times the lowest pay, yet say they can’t pay their employees a living wage. Our streets are full of homeless people who have lost everything because they didn’t get help with their mental challenges. Children, escaping war and climate change are separated from their parents at the border and placed in what to me looks like a jail. None of this is normal and I have high hopes that your generation will see the injustice better than the blind generation now in power. Please be brave, voice your views and roll up your sleeves to contribute to any one or all of these challenges. Stand up for those without a voice and fight for equality for all. Show every person the respect and compassion they deserve.

Be responsible

In a complex world, where many things are broken, it may seem easier to stand on the sidelines. I ask you not to do that. It is too crowded there already. Step onto the field and actively participate in creating the community you dream of. The world is yours and it needs your resilience, worldview and energy. Choose to work and live for a higher calling and happiness will always come your way.

Choose Joy

These topics may seem serious in the eyes of two teenagers, but I know you can handle them. But most importantly I urge you to enjoy whatever comes your way in life. Life will always provide for plenty of opportunities as well as challenges. We may not be able to control all that happens, but we can always control our own reactions. Choose joy, choose happiness, be presidents in your own life.

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